FemmePower: 13 inspiring stories from path-breaking Indian Women that you need to hear today

Hailing from different walks of life, from celebrity styling to fashion blogging to fitness, the diverse spectrum of roles that women cater to is united by one common thread: their inimitable courage in the face of obstacles and blunt refusal to take no for an answer. This Women's Day, Be Chic in collaboration with Aza Fashions is raising a toast to the women who are trading in the fairytale glass slipper for a chance to break the glass ceiling instead. 

As a luxury label that pays ode to the handcrafted artistry of India’s cultural heritage, Be Chic has always reveled in toasting the extraordinary. On this day designed to celebrate women, and the many roles they play, it seems only fitting to raise a glass to the extraordinary achievements born out of the will to dream big, rewrite boundaries and touch the horizon. Our label has always been synonymous with a sensational touch of boldness, breaking barriers and going where few else have gone before. Here's an ode to the women who embody our fierce zest for life in all that they do, today and every day. 

Santoshi Shetty, Fashion Blogger

"Being confident with who you are is something I have learned the hard way, and it has made me who I am today. Wear your scars and your skin tone with pride, and show people the real you. If an architecture student with no connections or influence can reach here today, so can you.”

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Hanna Stromgren, founder of By Hanna and Women About Community 

"As a young entrepreneur, it helps to have a few clients in the door before taking the plunge and quitting your full-time job. My experiences in India further enabled me to start Women About Community, a platform for women to discuss mental, physical and sexual health, and be more vulnerable. Community, not competition, is the way to go forward."

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Anshuka Parwani, Celebrity Yoga Trainer

"After years of studying to be a commercial pilot, a terrible bike accident struck when I was about to begin my first job. Thus, my yoga journey started and my first ever student was the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan. Being young, I could tell that people wouldn't take me seriously, despite the knowledge that I had. But that just pushed me harder to challenge people's perceptions."

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Shweta Tripathi, Actor

"Many years before Gully Boy spawned the popular catchphrase, Nawazuddin Siddiqui told me, "Sabka time aayega." No one can suppress true talent; you just have to be consistent and keep trying, even if you can't see the results right away."

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Deanne Panday, Fitness Icon and Best-Selling Author

"As women, we are homemakers, wives and best friends; we spread love wherever we go and sometimes, it only takes that one boost of confidence to get started on our individual path. Despite studying arts, I knew this was not me and that my true passion was fitness. I gave it all up to follow my dream, I didn't look back and here I am today." 

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Anushka and Akansha Ranjan, Influencers

"It isn't just women anymore, men are feminists too. It is sad that we have to fight for something that should have been given to us at birth. But we are more educated now, we have more empathy and it is a beautiful time to be a woman."

Priyanka Gupta, founder of Leap India Institute and Owner of Bomb Bae FC

 "You'll always find the biggest challenges within yourself; the need to get better at what you do. It is nice to see what everyone else is doing but at the end of the day, you need to stay true to your passion."                          

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Karishma Boolani, Sports Scientist and Founder of Humanics

"Your personal and your professional life shouldn't be separate. Whatever inspires or moves you should inevitably form a part of the work you do. And if it isn't, you'll always struggle with your work."

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Aastha Sharma, Celebrity Stylist and Founder of Wardrobist

"For anyone starting out new, there is a lot of hard work involved. The rest of the day-to-day challenges come and go, but you have to consistent, patient and prepared to put in the hard work required."

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Anushka Rajan Doshi and Ushma Vaidya, Founders of Starch- The Label

"As female designers, you will face friction when working with the male-dominated community of craftsmen. But as entrepreneurs, it is our duty to meld their opinions with our vision, and to create a healthy working environment for the female assistants working with us."


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Alanna Panday, Millenial Influencer 

"We should have the freedom to post whatever we'd like on social media. Yes, the hate does hurt sometimes but it comes down to the mindset of the person on the other end. If someone is in a negative space, they will see everything you do in a bad light, and you just have to ignore it."

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